UTV Ball Joints

At Black Ops Machine, we prescribe to the full send mentality of driving UTVs. And while most modern Polaris and Can-Am side-by-sides are designed for aggressive off-road conditions, several of the moving parts designed to wear out are not built to hold up. Across all brands, OEM UTV Ball Joints are likely going to be replaced sooner than you’d think.

A ball joint for a UTV is a moving part that is designed to wear out overtime. Factory UTV Ball Joints are the parts that allow your suspension to flex to the left and right, or up and down. This constant motion generates friction, builds up heat, and can quickly lead to internal component failure. If the ball joints fail, additional pressure is applied to additional suspension parts, which can lead to their breakdown as well.

The solution to this common issue with all UTV manufacturers is to upgrade all of them – with a high-quality aftermarket UTV ball joint replacement part. 

Our replacement Can-Am and Polaris ball joints are heavy-duty lower ball joint replacement parts that follow OEM fitment standards but made with upgraded materials and precision manufacturing standards to hold up to constant abuse. 

Black Ops Machine solves the typical upper and lower ball joint issues by using 4340 chromoly and 300m steel on the housing, support cup, and stud. The dust boots are upgraded with CR/Neoprene, with a 6061-aluminum designed adjustment plate cap. 

So – if you’re looking for the best aftermarket replacement ball joints for Can-Am or Polaris side-by-sides, you’ll find them here at Black Ops Machine. Check out our inventory of high-quality replacement parts below. 

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