Ballistic Beadlock Wheels 4×136


The Black Ops Machine Ballistic Beadlock Wheels are HERE! Limited amount available, so make sure to pick up a set now! Sold Individually.

These are 4×136 lug pattern, so these will fit on Can-Am, Honda, and other vehicles with that lug pattern!

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Ballistic Beadlock Wheels (4×136) – Beadlocks for UTVs

If you depend on OEM tire and wheel mounting to hold up when you smack a rut, pothole, or a rock – you’re likely extremely high. Let’s face it, if you’re not upgrading your wheels to beadlocks, you must be a glutton for punishment. So, when you’re ready for that offroad enhancement, Black Ops Machine Ballistic Beadlock Wheels (4×136) bolt pattern is the peace of mind investment that simply makes sense.

If you’re driving anything from a Can-Am to a Honda, you’ll know that standard wheels often aren’t enough. That’s where Black Ops Machine comes in – your go-to source for 15×7 inch beadlock wheels, offering top-quality performance and reliability.

These high-quality ballistic beadlocks are precisely manufactured, featuring a 4×136 bolt pattern with a 5+2 offset. These wheels are designed to provide your UTV with exceptional stability.

When installed by a professional, these beadlock wheels securely fasten onto the tire bead, enabling your UTV to navigate treacherous terrain with ease. In a world where even smartphones struggle to stay in their cases, these wheels remain steadfastly attached to their rubber companions through every challenge.

Get a Grip with Can-Am Beadlock Wheels for Your UTV

When you’re navigating over boulders or flinging mud as if it’s a profession, the last thing you want is your tire separating from the wheel. That’s where Ballistic Beadlock Wheels come into play – they are the ultimate adhesive in the UTV wheel industry.

Black Ops Machine’s beadlocks are perfect for tackling high-impact trails and the tough environments where UTVs excel. The 4×136 bolt pattern fits several Can-Am UTV models perfectly.

Why just roll when you can conquer with confidence? Get set to leave your mark on every trail. Grab your Can-Am Beadlock Wheels from Black Ops Machine and let your UTV show off in the outback.

Honda Beadlock Wheels Online

Are your OEM Honda wheels wimping out on gnarly trails? Fear not, off-road rebels. The aftermarket gurus at Black Ops Machine have the upgrade your thrill machine craves – Ballistic Beadlock Wheels for your Honda. Conquer aggressive washes without worrying about popping beads. Time to show those trails who’s boss!

Built to tackle terrain that would challenge even a mountain goat, these 15×7 inch wheels grip your tire beads like a rattlesnake holding onto its prey. With a 4×136 bolt pattern and a 5+2 offset, it’s like giving your ride superpowers, just without the risk of a cape getting caught in the axle.

Ballistic Beadlock Wheels for Honda UTVs:

  • Size: 15×7
  • Bolt pattern: 4×136
  • Offset: 5+2.
Top-Quality UTV Ballistic Beadlock Wheels 4×136

Why are these beadlock gems from Black Ops Machine the ultimate choice for your UTV? Here’s the strategic insight:

  • Unrelenting Quality:

    Constructed to conquer the harshest terrains, your UTV will glide as if riding on steel clouds.

  • Perfect Fit:

    We provide precision-engineered beadlock wheels, ensuring your wheels fit perfectly, like the work of a master locksmith.

  • Spec Ops Style:

    With these upgrades, your UTV will not only dominate the terrain but also look impressive while doing it.

With Black Ops Machine beadlock wheels, you’re not just enhancing quality; you’re asserting off-road supremacy. End of story!

FAQs About Our Ballistic Beadlock Wheels 4×136
Q: Are UTV Beadlock Wheels Worth It?

A: Is spending hours on the side of a trail a wise use of your time? Our guess is that it’s not. Beadlock wheels for any UTV are an obvious choice. If you think you need them, go for it. These wheels are engineered to clamp onto the tire’s bead, significantly reducing the risk of dislodging the bead when you encounter potholes, rocks, or other obstacles.

Q – What’s Your Return Policy?

A – We proudly serve dedicated, like-minded Patriots who seek to partner with reliable, US-based companies for premium replacement parts. Our customer relationships are built on a foundation of mutual trust and integrity.

Alright, here’s the deal: If the part is still in the box and hasn’t been installed, there’s no need to worry! We can easily process a return for you. Simply cover the shipping fee and provide us with your original order number and contact information. We’ll handle the rest for you.

Size: 15 x 7

Offset: 5+2


Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 9 in


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