Heavy Duty Can-Am Upper Ball Joint



These are the heaviest-duty Can-Am Upper ball joints you can find on the market. The housing and support cup as well as the stud are made from 4340 chromoly and 300m steel, respectively. The dust boots are made from CR/Neoprene, and the adjustment plate cap is 6061 aluminum.

The ball joints are fully adjustable and rebuildable –– allowing them to be fully disassembled, cleaned, and re-greased to ensure you can keep riding longer, faster, and harder with the minimal amount of long-term maintenance possible.

While we do always recommend replacing all of your Can-Am X3 ball joints at the same time, we sell them individually.


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This Can-Am Ball Joints Replacement is Sold Individually

If you notice excessive squeaking or knocking noises coming from the suspension of your Can-Am X3, or excessive travel in your steering, it’s likely that you’ve fallen victim to the all-too-common upper ball joint failure. The good news – everyone deals with these typical Can-Am ball joint issues. The better news – Black Ops Machine offers the heavy-duty and long-lasting aftermarket Can-Am X3 ball joints you need. 

Our precision manufactured Can-Am X3 Ball Joints are the most reliable and durable made today. Following precise fitment of OEM upper ball joint design, with a significant upgrade of raw materials, the Black Ops Machine team has developed a genuine heavy-duty solution for Can-Am Defender ball joints. 

We use a combination of 4340 chromoly and 300m steel for the support cup, upper ball joint housing, and studs. Add an 6061 corrosion-resistant aluminum plate cap and CR/Neoprene dust boots to the equation, and you’ve got a replacement upper ball joint made to handle the most aggressive riding conditions. 

Our replacement upper ball joints for Can-Am X3 and Defenders are rebuildable and fully adjustable. This gives you the flexibility to set up your suspension the way you prefer. 

While we strongly prescribe to the fix it all at the same time mentality when it comes to replacing ball joints, we sell this product individually. So – to avoid further Can-Am ball joint failure – replace them all at the same time – cool?


We know you’ve got questions about our Black Ops Machine aftermarket replacement parts – and we have genuine answers. Here are a few common questions we get from our valued customers – and those trolls who have nothing better to do. 

Q – What Makes Your Can-Am Ball Joint Replacement Parts Better than Your Competitors?

A – As riders and automotive enthusiasts we prescribe to the test em’ till they fail mentality when it comes to the products that wear the Black Ops Machine branding. Every aftermarket part we sell is a genuine upgrade, in the materials used, machining process, and most importantly – fixing the issues that lead to OEM failure.

We’re proud of our reputation in the aftermarket manufacturing industry, and we’re not going to risk it by selling cheap replacement parts.  

Q – Why Do Can-Am OEM Ball Joints Break Easily? 

A – In all honestly, it’s not just a Can-Am problem. It’s plagued the off-road industry for years – mainly due to the low-grade raw materials used in manufacturing of parts that are – by definition, designed to wear. Until someone invents the Holy Grail of OEM ball joints, parts like these will always be prone to premature aging. 

Q – What’s Your Return Policy?

A – Believe it or not, we have a documented return policy that’s as elusive as Bigfoot. We’re here to cater to like-minded, hardworking Patriots who prefer to team up with trustworthy US-based companies for top-notch replacement parts. Trust us, we’ve got your back!

No worries, as long as you haven’t given that part a new home in your machine, or tried to install it and failed, we’re happy to take it back. Just handle the shipping fee, slide us your original order number, and drop your contact info. We’ll handle the rest, no problemo!

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 6 × 4 in


  • Replaces OEM part number 706203084
  • Can-Am X3 Models
  • Can-Am Defender models


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