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No matter which car you have, ball joints are going to wear out. That’s why we make ours twice as strong to keep you riding. These are easily greased with a zerk fitting for less headache and increased reliability before riding. We always recommend replacing all of your ball joints at the same time, but we do sell them individually.

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The Black Ops Machine Polaris XP1000 Ball Joint is Sold Individually.

It’s just a fact that Polaris offroad ball joints are designed to wear out over time. With their cheap construction and constant abuse, it’s inevitable to face Polaris ball joint issues. But hey, if you take the proactive step of installing aftermarket upgrade parts for Polaris ball joints, you can drive harder, faster, and avoid those annoying breakdowns on the side of a desert road.

Our Black Ops Machine XP1000 Ball Joints are designed to be twice as strong as the OEM part, but also for ease of maintenance. We’ve made sure that the grease zerk fitting is easily accessible, which makes it easier for you to pack em’ which increases the reliability of these ball joints.

Alright, here are the details you’re after. Which Polaris UTVs does this bad boy fit? This SKU is a XP1000 ball joint replacement. It’s made to fit the following Polaris models. Just like any other suspension component, it’s highly recommended to get and install them in pairs on the same axle.

Specifically, this Polaris Ball Joints Upgrade fits the following models:

  • RZR XP 1000 2014+
  • RZR XP4 1000 2014+
  • RZR XP1000 Highlifter 2015+
  • RZR XP1000 Rock & Trail 2017+
  • Turbo S
  • Pro XP
  • General XP
  • Pro R/Turbo R Upper Ball Joint

FAQ’s About Polaris Ball Joints

We know you’ve got burning questions about our Black Ops Machine aftermarket replacement parts – and we’ve got the genuine answers you’ve been dying to hear. Here are a few FAQs from our valued customers – and those pesky trolls who clearly have nothing better to do than bother us.

Q – What Makes Your Polaris XP1000 Ball Joint Replacement Parts Better than Your Competitors?

A – At Black Ops Machine, we’re really proud of our reputation. We provide replacement parts for off-road vehicles that have been fully tested in real-world situations. Our base is in Arizona, surrounded by desert roads that serve as our proving grounds. So, whenever we manufacture a replacement part like Polaris ball joints, we test them until they break. We don’t add them to our website until we’re completely satisfied.

Q – Why Do Polaris OEM Ball Joints Break Easily?

A – Lower ball joint failure isn’t just a Polaris thing. While most side-by-side manufacturers use CAD for design and invest heavily in powerplants, suspension parts don’t always match the same level of quality. The proactive solution? Swap out ALL your lower ball joints with upgraded aftermarket parts.

Q – What’s Your Return Policy?

A – We’re here to serve like-minded, hardworking Patriots – folks who want to work with trustworthy US-based companies for top-notch replacement parts. And when it comes to our customers, we operate on a general honor system.

Alright, here’s the deal – if you haven’t installed the part and it’s still in the box, no worries! We can easily process a return for you. Just cover the shipping fee and provide us with your original order number and contact information, and we’ll take care of everything for you.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 6 × 4 in

Purple, Red


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