Pro R Adapter to 4/156

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If you just bought the new Pro R/Turbo R, but love your old wheel setup from your RZR, we have your solution! Instead of spending an additional $2000+ on new wheels and tires, just get a set of 4 adapters for under $200! We’ve got you covered.

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The Polaris Pro R and Turbo R Wheel Adapter are Sold in Pairs.

If you check the back yard or garage of many UTV owners, it’s quite possible you’ll see a set of custom wheels and tires from their old RZR covered in a trash bag, just waiting to be reused. For those who have recently upgraded to the new Polaris Pro R or Turbo R who want to slap on those 4 x 156 bolt pattern older wheels, the new Black Ops Machine PRO R wheel adapter is the cost-effective solution you’re looking for. 

Modern Polaris UTVs, including the Turbo R and Pro R utilize a standard 5/4.5-wheel bolt pattern. And in most cases, if you want to upgrade to a new wheel that is like the ones you had on an older RZR, you would be stuck spending a few grand on new wheels and tires. This Xpedition wheel adapter permits you to install 4/156 bolt pattern wheels for less than $200 for the entire set. 

Our Black Ops Machine Pro R Adapter to 4/156 is CNC machined with a rich black anodized finish. It’s so easy to install that even Sleepy Joe could do it. Like any other wheel adapter, it’s crucial for you to install them in pairs on the same axel. 

However, we recommend replacing all four at the same time for additional safety, and so you don’t look stupid riding down the road with two sets of wheels – unless that’s totally your deal. 

Since you ALWAYS want to install wheel adapters equally on both sides of the axel, we sell this Polaris Pro R Adapter to 4/156 as a pair. We strongly suggest that you follow the manufacturer recommended torque settings when securing your wheels to the spacers and spindle. And yes – always torque your wheels anytime you remove them. 

Polaris Pro R Wheel Adapter FAQ’s

We know you’ve got questions about our Black Ops Machine aftermarket replacement parts – and we have genuine answers. Here are a few common questions we get from our valued customers – and those trolls who have nothing better to do. 

Q – What Are the Benefits of Installing Aftermarket Polaris Wheel Adapters?

A – Wheel adapters are a quick and easy way of allowing you to utilize wheels with a different bolt pattern than OEM. For modern Polaris UTVs who use a 5 x 4.5 bolt pattern, installing a 4 x 156 adapter expands your options for using aftermarket wheels. 

A wheel adapter is a great option for UTV owners who take their rides to sand dunes and want to use paddle tires on the dunes, but regular off-road tires on other roads. It allows them to have two sets of tires and wheels, with different bolt patterns. 

Q – Is There a Downside to Installing Aftermarket Wheel Adapters? 

A – Not really. Some wheel adapters that are made from cheaper materials and used on heavy vehicles may fail under aggressive driving conditions and when using heavy steel wheels. However, on a UTV, which is lighter and designed for quick handling and steering response, a well-built adapter doesn’t provide a downside. 

Q – What’s Your Return Policy at Black Ops Machine?

A – At Black Ops Machine, we’re here for all you hardworking Patriots who prefer teaming up with trustworthy US-based companies for top-notch replacement parts. You can trust us; we’ve got your back!

So, the return policy is simply this. If you haven’t installed our parts on your ride, and you have the original packaging, we’ll take it back. Just handle the shipping fee, send us your original order number, and drop your contact info. We’ll handle the rest, without question.

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