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*SOLD IN PAIRS* If you are into rough riding at extreme speeds in extreme terrains, this is a must have product. These are made to withstand all kinds of high mileage off-road racing. These are extremely strong and made from chromoly. This is one less part you will have to worry about while racing.

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The Black Ops Machine RZR Chromoly Hub is perfect for serious Polaris drivers who don’t trust the OEM suspension and steering components. This chromoly-built RZR Off-roading hub is designed for drivers who love sending it in all types of conditions. It’s all about demanding excellence and reliability with aftermarket replacement parts offered by our team. 

At Black Ops Machine, we don’t mess around with selling cheap aftermarket parts. Especially when it comes to your suspension and steering components. As off-road enthusiasts, we’ve put this replacement RZR wheel hub to the test until it broke. And you know what? We’re still waiting for that to happen.

This Polaris wheel hub replacement is precision CNC manufactured to fit perfectly. It’s made of tough 4140 chromoly steel, built to handle all types of off-road racing conditions. From loose gravel to dirt roads with whoops and even launching over a razor back on the dunes, it’s got you covered!

Now, here’s the commonsense part of this product description. Since you always want to install replacement performance RZR hubs as a pair, that’s how we sell them. So, please don’t shoot us an email saying, “Hey dude, can you give me just one?”

To unleash the true potential of these hubs, remember to stick to the torque settings recommended by the manufacturer during installation. And hey, don’t forget to give your wheels a little torque love whenever you take them off. 

FAQs About Aftermarket Polaris RZR Chromoly Hubs

We know you’ve got burning questions about our Black Ops Machine aftermarket replacement parts – and we’ve got the genuine answers you’ve been dying to hear. Here are a few FAQs from our valued customers – and those pesky trolls who clearly have nothing better to do than bother us. 

Q – What Causes a Polaris Hub to Break?

A – A wheel hub serves the same purpose, whether it’s on your pick-up truck or Polaris RZR. It allows your wheels to spin while also enabling you to steer, at least for the front hubs. However, if you experience a hard impact, fail to mount your wheel properly, or neglect to torque your wheels correctly, it becomes all too easy for the hub to break.

When such a situation arises, it becomes necessary to replace both components on the same axle. This principle is akin to that of wheel bearings and brakes, where maintaining consistency is crucial.

Q – How Can You Diagnose a Broken or Worn Wheel Hub for a Polaris?

A – Diagnosing a broken or damaged hub on a Polaris side-by-side is pretty much like any other hub. Even though it’s smaller than the one on your truck, there are a few signs that can tell you it’s time to replace it. First off, if you hear a grinding noise or rumbling sound while driving, or a clicking sound when you accelerate, that could mean you’ve got a broken hub.

Also, if you feel your steering wheel shaking a lot – especially on smooth roads, or if you notice the Polaris veering or pulling while braking, it could mean a broken hub. And hey, if you’re changing your brakes and you see that one pad is more worn out than the other, it’s a good idea to give that hub a closer look, just to be safe.

Q – What’s Your Return Policy at Black Ops Machine?

A – We’re a company based in the US that sells replacement parts to folks who love this country. We trust that you know what you’re doing when ordering – but hey, we all mess up sometimes. So, here’s the scoop on our return policy.

If you haven’t installed our parts on your ride and still have the original packaging, no worries! We’ll gladly take it back. Just cover the shipping fee, send us your original order number, and leave your contact details. Rest assured; we’ll handle everything without any hassle.

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 8 × 7 in


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