Suede Steering Wheel (6 bolt pattern)


This steering wheel is much stronger than your original stock set up, guaranteed! It is covered with suede for extra strength grip on the wheel. This fits with six bolt pattern hubs (like the one we offer). It comes in all black and also comes with a center cover made from 6061-T6 aluminum.


Wheel Diameter: 350mm / 14in

Depth: 66mm / 2.6in

This UTV Suede Steering Wheel is Sold Individually.

Just because you drive on multiple road conditions with your UTV doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style. And if you’re looking for an offroad steering wheel that is easy to grip, and produces a sleek black suede finish, the Black Ops Machine performance steering wheel is a perfect upgrade.

Like everything that proudly showcases the Black Ops Machine branding – this offroad steering wheel is built for optimal performance, longevity, and comfort. It’s a suede steering wheel – which not only improves grip for improved control on all road conditions but also produces less hand fatigue for those long-distance rides. This offroad steering wheel is also much stronger than OEM wheels.

The steering wheel is specifically designed to fit six bolt pattern hubs, weighing a mere 3 pounds, and measuring 350mm/ 14 inches in diameter. Its circular shape is elegantly crafted with a deep black finish, featuring the Black Ops Machine logo intricately engraved on a solid center cover made of 6061-T6 aluminum.

If you’re the type of UTV driver who demands performance, but also wants improved comfort and steering control, the Black Ops Machine suede performance steering wheel is a great investment.

FAQ’s About Aftermarket UTV Steering Wheels

We know you’ve got burning questions about our Black Ops Machine aftermarket replacement parts – and we’ve got the genuine answers you’ve been dying to hear. Here are a few FAQs from our valued customers – and those pesky trolls who have nothing better to do than bother us.

Q – Is There a Downside to Installing a Suede UTV Steering Wheel

A – Installing the Suede UTV steering wheel has no downsides, unlike certain aftermarket options. It offers superior strength and stability compared to OEM steering wheels, along with a better feel. Moreover, the suede construction helps enhance grip with both bare hands and driving gloves- not just one!

Q – What’s Your Return Policy at Black Ops Machine?

A – We understand that our return policy may not be as strict or business-friendly as some others. However, we are proud to support hardworking individuals like you who value partnering with reliable US-based companies for high-quality replacement parts. Rest assured, we are committed to providing excellent service and support to our valued customers.

If you haven’t yet installed our parts on your vehicle and they are still in their original packaging, we will gladly accept the return. Simply cover the shipping fee, provide us with your original order number, and leave your contact details. Rest assured, we will take care of the rest without asking any further questions.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 in


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