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Our brand new Toric Magnetic Ops Goggles come with three magnetic toric lenses! The toric lens design provides excellent glare prevention and maximizes peripheral vision! These are easily swapped on the fly. Simply grab the outside of the frame, pull it off, and slap the other lens on. This is perfect for when the sun starts to go down and you want to swap to your clear lens. It also comes with two straps. One to wear with your helmet and one shorter to run without. This whole kit comes in a solid carrying case!

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The days of keeping three different sets of riding goggles for unique lighting situations in your trailer are OVER. Whether you’re a daylight only UTV driver, or prefer the excitement of those midnight dune adventures, you’ll love our Toric Magnetic Ops motorcross goggles. 

The Black Ops Machine Toric Magnetic Lens Goggles are the perfect three-in-one solution for crystal clear optical vision during multiple lighting conditions. Also commonly used as snowboarding goggles, this bad boy comes with three magnetic toric lenses that are easy to swap out on the fly. Simply grab the outside of the frame, pull it off, and slap the other lens on. It’s that simple.

Our toric lens is designed to provide exceptional glare prevention while maximizing peripheral vision. This allows you to see clearer, drive safer, and keep blowing dirt, debris, and those annoying tumbleweeds from causing damage to your eyes. 

The goggles comes with a clear lens, a smoke lens, and a yellow lens (which I ideal for those low light rides). It also comes with two straps, just in case you want to have a set for helmet use and a shorter one to run without. Plus, the entire kit comes with a solid carrying case. 


We know you’ve got questions about our Black Ops Machine aftermarket replacement parts – and we have genuine answers. Here are a few common questions we get from our valued customers – and those trolls who have nothing better to do. 

Q – What Are the Benefits of Toric Magnetic Lenses?

A – Toric lenses have you covered with a larger fit for awesome coverage, clarity, and stability. What many people don’t realize is that they’re also great at blocking UV light!

With a toric lens, you get more coverage and less obstruction. It also gives you a wider downward viewing area and better ventilation, so you won’t have to worry about fogging up when you least expect it.

Q – What is the Difference Between Cylindrical and Toric Goggles?

A – Toric lenses possess a certain degree of curvature in the vertical plane, making them neither as flat as cylindrical lenses nor as curved as spherical lenses. As a result, toric goggles strike a delicate balance between providing a wide peripheral view and ensuring excellent optical clarity.

Q – What’s Your Return Policy at Black Ops Machine?

A – At Black Ops Machine, we’re here for all you hardworking Patriots who prefer teaming up with trustworthy US-based companies for top-notch replacement parts. You can trust us; we’ve got your back!

So, the return policy is simply this. If you haven’t installed our parts on your ride, and you have the original packaging, we’ll take it back. Just handle the shipping fee, send us your original order number, and drop your contact info. We’ll handle the rest, without question.

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Dimensions 10 × 9 × 5 in


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