X3 Front Gusset Kit


Strengthen the front end of your X3 with our 4130 chromoly front end gusset kit. We all know the front end takes a beating on these machines. This is by far the best upgrade you can do to protect yourself and your investment! Double sheer all your A-arm mounts and ride worry free knowing the tip of the spear is as strong as it can get.

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This Maverick X3 Suspension Upgrade Kit Comes with Everything Displayed 

The OEM suspension of your Can-Am Maverick X3 is not as rigid as you’d expect. In fact, with the aggressive beating that your X3 front end takes, it’s only a matter of time till you’re pitched into a ditch or you breakdown 10 miles from camp. To avoid this all-too-common issue, install this high-quality Black Ops Machine Maverick X3 Suspension Upgrade front gusset kit for Can-Am Maverick X3’s. 

Our X3 front double shear gusset kit provides the ultimate stability and strength to the suspension of your Can-Am Maverick X3. The precision laser cut 4130 chromoly gusset kit for X3 models is the ideal bolt-on accessory to reinforce the entire front end of your ride. Each bolt and nut are aircraft grade, which ensures that this gusset kit for X3 remains rigid during all driving conditions.

When properly installed, the Black Ops Machine Maverick front gusset kit will reinforce your front a-arm mounting positions, help to prevent stretching those a-arm tabs, and strengthens the frame. The result is better steering control, improved handling, and less front-end parts breakage. 

If you’re a Maverick driver that goes full-send 100% of the time, you can’t afford to trust the OEM front end. Do the smart thing – invest in covering your ass and reduce the potential of catastrophic front-end damage by installing the Black Ops Machine X3 Front Gusset Kit.

Can-Am X3 Front Gusset Kit FAQ’s

We know you’ve got questions about our Black Ops Machine aftermarket replacement parts – and we have genuine answers. Here are a few common questions we get from our valued customers – and those trolls who have nothing better to do.

Q – What Does a Can Am Gusset Kit Do?

A – A gusset kit, when referring to Can-Am vehicles (particularly the Can-Am Maverick and other similar UTVs or side-by-sides), is designed to reinforce the vehicle’s frame and suspension mounting points. The term “gusset” in general engineering refers to a plate or bracket used to reinforce or stabilize structures. 

In the context of off-road vehicles like the Can-Am, these gussets play an essential role in ensuring the durability and strength of the vehicle, especially when subjected to harsh conditions, jumps, and other high-stress situations.

Q – Why Would a Can-Am Maverick Need a Front-End Gusset Kit?

A – The Can-Am Maverick, like many UTVs (Utility Task Vehicles) or side-by-sides, is built for off-road performance. However, even with its robust construction, there are situations where added reinforcement is beneficial. Here’s why a Can-Am Maverick might require a front-end gusset kit.

  1. Aggressive Driving: If a driver frequently tackles challenging terrain, takes high jumps, or drives aggressively, the added stress on the vehicle’s front end can lead to wear and potential damage over time. A gusset kit can help protect the Maverick’s front-end components from such rigorous use.
  2. Weak Points in Construction: No matter how well-engineered a vehicle might be, there are always inherent weak points in its structure. These can be areas where the frame joins together, where suspension components attach, or other stress points. A front-end gusset kit reinforces these weak points, providing added durability.
  3. Extended Lifespan: Regular off-road use can expose the Maverick’s front end to a lot of stress. Over time, this can lead to frame fatigue or failure at stress points. By reinforcing the front end with a gusset kit, you can prolong the lifespan of the vehicle and prevent premature wear or damage.

Q – What’s Your Return Policy?

A – Honestly, we don’t have an official return policy. At Black Ops Machine, we’re all about serving fellow hardworking Patriots who prefer teaming up with reliable US-based companies for high-quality replacement parts.

Here’s our return policy for you all. If you haven’t found a place for that item in your machine and you DIDN’T try to install it but failed, we’re glad to accept the return. Simply cover the shipping fee, provide us with your original order number, and share your contact information. We’ll take care of the rest.

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 4 in


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