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Our X3 Shock Tower Support bracket is sold individually.

Like other OEM suspension components, the front shock tower on the Can-Am X3 is not designed for the constant abuse UTVs are supposed to take. While Can-Am added a top bracket for additional support on X3’s in recent years, the bottom of the shock tower remains unprotected. One of the quickest, and cost-effective ways of strengthening that vital upper shock mount is by installing the Black Ops Machine X3 Show Tower Support bracket. 

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This bolt-on Can-Am X3 front shock tower brace helps to solidify the structural integrity of the front suspension system. Made from a combination of mild steel and 6061-aluminum, this support bracket is simple to install. In fact, you don’t need to remove or reroute radiator hoses, wiring, or other factory components for the bracket to be added. 

It’s a true bolt on accessory, that provides a double-shear support to the front suspension, allowing you to drive your X3 with confidence on aggressive terrains, sand dunes, or smooth dirt roads. This bracket bolts on to the top of the frame and is secured by 4 bolts. 

FAQs About Can-Am X3 Front Shock Tower Brace

We know you’ve got burning questions about our Black Ops Machine aftermarket replacement parts – and we’ve got the genuine answers you’ve been dying to hear. Here are a few FAQs from our valued customers – and those pesky trolls who clearly have nothing better to do than bother us. 

Q – Why Is it a Good Idea to Install a Can-AM X3 Front Shock Tower Brace?

A – A common issue with most side-by-sides is that they are not engineered for full-send, hard-core, driving on aggressive terrain, whoops, or solid landings after launching from sand dunes. This is especially true with front suspension components, or with the X3, the shock tower mounting hardware. 

The OEM set-up is single-shear support. By installing a shock tower bracket, you’re adding more rigidity to the entire show tower, and creating a double-shear support. This helps absorb impacts on those aggressive driving situations and reduces the potential of catastrophic component failure. 

Q – Is there Any Fabrication Required to Install a Can-Am X3 Front Shock Tower Brace?

A – On all X3 without smart shox, not at all. This front shock tower brace is a complete bolt-on accessory. It’s designed to be mounted to the OEM shock tower and attached to the bottom of the frame. You will have to remove a few components on the front end, but no grinding, welding, or rewiring is necessary. That being said: If your car is equipped with smart shox, you may have to grind the bracket to clear the brace. We have installed one with smart shox and had to perform minor trimming of the bracket to keep the system. 

Q – What’s Your Return Policy at Black Ops Machine?

A – We’re a US-based company that sells our replacement parts to patriots who love this country. We trust that you know what you’re doing when ordering – but we all screw the pooch sometimes. So, here’s the deal with our return policy. 

If you haven’t installed our parts on your ride and still have the original packaging, we’ll take it back, no problemo. Just cover the shipping fee, shoot us your original order number, and leave your contact details. We’ll handle the rest, no questions asked. 

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 8 in


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