Install Instructions

  1. Place new ball joint in the freezer
  2. Jack your car up off of the ground
  3. Loosen ball joint nut
  4. Remove wheel
  5. Pry ball joint up with pry bar from the back side (the side facing the rear of the car) to separate it from the knuckle
  6. Pull lower arm down and out of the way
  7. Use vice grips to hold a socket over the ball joint and hit socket with a hammer downward to get it out of the arm
  8. Heat the metal on the arm where the ball joint will be installed (not red hot, just enough to make it expand)
  9. Get the ball joint out of the freezer and put it in the arm as quickly as possible
  10. Put the ball joint back through the knuckle and tighten the ball joint nut
  11. Install cotter pin and bend around the ball joint stem
  12. Reinstall wheel
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